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Quidtree is a startup and was founded in December, 2017.

We have a really big goal! Namely, we want to empower every platform to make data transfers easy for their users. Data-Transfers-as-a-Service is the market we created. We provide a data import and data export pop-up. The cool thing is, that you can easily embed it onto your site. Quidtree gives you the tools to provide one-click-integration on your site.

Quidtree provides a lot of value to your platform. Firstly, we make your IT happy. Especially, because they no longer need to maintain API connections. Secondly, your sales are happy, since the entire integration process is simplified. Thirdly, the account managers are happy. The data transfer black-box they are used to is now transparent. Furthermore, your product owners are happy because we are completely configurable. Plus, think about your customers! Above all, they now have complete control and transparency of the data that they send to your platform. All in all, Quidtree in your platform solves a lot of problems. Additionally, we create immense opportunities and automate your processes.

We are a startup and we love it! Here, you can get to know us better. Plus, you can get a closer look into our journey as a startup. We are an accelerator startup alumni from the accelerator STARTPLATZ in Cologne, Germany. You will receive a lot of posts about our experience here. We share the connections we’ve made. And we ponder over the things we learn.

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