Five ways to get more out of Google Product Listing Ads.

Out-think your competition with these five opportunities you may have overlooked. Q1 of 2018 showed some interesting results in terms how…

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The Ultimate Facebook Cheat Sheet: 2018 Edition.

Constantly searching? What size should my profile pic be or my cover photo?  What’s the maximum video upload length? The…

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Getting started with the simple Hashtag – Where, why and how.

First known as the number sign or a tic-tac-toe board, the hash symbol has become a household name. Its reincarnation…

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Facebook introduces Flight Ads, letting advertisers target users searching for flights on travel sites and apps.

Facebook expanded the options airlines have for reaching potential travellers with its flight ads, which were previously referred to as dynamic…

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IGTV. What this means for video.

Whats is IGTV? Back in June, Instagram announced it would be introducing its new Instagram TV (IGTV). Coming five years…

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