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Mapping your Woocommerce Product to Google Product Categories

Mapping your Woocommerce Product to Google Product Categories

When exporting your Woocommerce product catalog to Google Merchant Center, you must use Google Product Categories. Your data feed will be rejected if these specifications are not met.

Individually mapping changing each product everytime is possible but takes a lot of manual labour.

There are many different tools out there to help streamline mapping. But when investing in tools it’s important to look at its different features. Functionality and the ability to be as dynamic as your data is. Most tools have limited features and can be used only for one purpose. Creating a software stack of many tools can be confusing and time-consuming have to switch between each tool and plugin.

Feed Management tools with mapping functionality are just what you need.

Having a dynamic Feed Management tool lets you take control of every single aspect of what gets imported and what gets exported. Edit your data in bulk and compare and analyze your results.

Create a mapping table that uses the unique values from your data sources and lets you map the data to a new value. Predefined taxonomies are given to make your data mapping go faster.

You can get started for free at Quidtree.

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