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How to deal with clustered elements in my XML

XML files can be clustered and difficult to read. They are handy for keeping data small but when you want to manipulate the data is can be a nightmare and very time-consuming.

If you have an XML file that has multiple clustered elements and you are wanting to view or edit them then there a tonne of tools our there for you to use. The problem with these tools, although simple and easy to use. They don’t provide the dynamic data manipulation tools you are most likely looking for. Your data should be kept all in one place and be secure. Data management tools like Quidtree can take your XML file and let you view it in a grid view. This makes it easier for you to view and edit your clustered elements.

The advanced XML picker lets you choose what parts of the file you want to be in your grid from clustered elements. Advanced data manipulation like mapping is made easy.

When investing in tools it’s important to look at its different features. Functionality and the ability to be as dynamic as your data is. Creating a software stack of many tools can be confusing and time-consuming have to switch between each tool and plugin.

Anyone can use it. Best of all its free to get started!

Liam Trimble

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, Liam brings a unique kiwi twist to the world of marketing. An extensive background in customer-focused jobs gives him his edge when it comes to knowing what the customer wants.

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