New Facebook Platform Product Changes and Policy Updates

Facebook continues to make changes to the way the platform works for everyone. Starting from August 1st there will a huge change in the way marketers can schedule their content and use apps for automation. The changes will include Platform Policy updates including changes to the way we transfer data outside of the app, the use of current service providers and the way our data is processed.

Unfortunately it will no longer be possible to post or schedule to personal Facebook profiles using automation software eg Hootsuite, Quuu. Personal profiles will no longer be an option when composing on these apps.

Posts scheduled to publish after August 1st will not be published.

The best way to avoid this is to create a business page.

Hootsuite has said you will still be able to have your personal profile in your dashboard for “monitoring, assigning and sharing from streams.

These updates will not effect Facebook Pages.

Target functionality for Facebook Page posts will be reduced.

Facebook will now remove the option to filter by gender or language when publishing to Facebook Pages.

Posting will be restricted to age targeting by requiring you to specify a minimum age of either 13,17,18,19 or 21.

Other targeting like interested in, relationship status and location will still be supported.

These changes will mostly effect those working on their personal brand. It is yet to be announced if Facebook owned Instagram will follow suit. Instagram has only recently released API’s to make scheduling possible through third party apps. If it does follow suit we would likely see an increase in personal Instagrams being switched to a business profiles. Now, with the requirement to link a business profile with a business page on Facebook, there will be a dramatic increase in Facebook Pages made purely as a placeholder.

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