Google’s Hotel Ads will join Google Ads

Not being able to manage all your ads in one place has been a pain for many Hotel ad partners. But Google has heard our calls and is joining Google Hotel Ads with Google Ads.

Since Google introduced sponsored¬†hotel prices in Google Maps back in 2018, we’ve seen the expansion of Hotel Ads to 150 different countries, bringing travellers the ability to browse on mobile and find the best hotel deals.¬† As the expansion continues, the natural move is to integrate Hotel Ads with the Google Ads platform, so you can now manage your hotel ads alongside your search and display campaigns.

Hotel Ads will become a new campaign type when it launches later this year. The feature will be initially tested by a select number of partners.

Google outlines the specific benefits this integration will bring:

  • Hotel groups to organize hotels by import attributes like brand and class.
  • Robust bidding controls that allow marketers to optimize for bidding dimensions unique to hotels like a travellers length of stay or check-in day and audience bidding
  • Smart bidding powered by machine learning to maximise booking at your ROI goal.
  • Rich reporting and familiar responsive interface available with the newly redesigned Google Ads.

Managing your hotel’s price feed is mundane and time-consuming. Something we know a lot about at Quidtree is feed management. So we are excited to see that Google has announced their new Hotel Center. The Hote Center will be a centralised hub allowing you to quickly and easily troubleshoot with “intuitive in-product guidance”. The hub will allow you to manage your feeds health and manage all of your price feed-based hotel features.

What will this change look like to you?

Hotel Ads Center will be replaced bit by bit, starting with the basics like how you submit your hotel inventory and describe your hotel properties. With features rolling out till the end of 2018, the change won’t be immediate.

Looking for an easier centralised way to manage all your feeds?  Quidtree can help. For more information check out our website and register your interest.



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