Google amps up machine learning in Ad tools and we are here for it!

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  • Google will offer more machine-learning products in the coming months to help advertisers create personalized search ads, bid on YouTube ads to achieve brand lift and boost shopping and local campaigns.

Google has just unveiled responsive search ads that will be powered by machine learning.

This will optimize creative assets in real time so the consumers see the best-performing ad for their search. Google announced on stage at Tuesdays Google Marketing Live event. Followed up by a blog post.

Responsive Search Ads:

Instead of manually developing, testing and optimizing text ads for search, the new “Responsive” search ads will use machine learning to immediately determine the highest-performing combination among 15 headlines and four description lines supplied by you, the advertiser. This will continuously optimize the search results based on what appears to be the most relevant to the searcher.

Let’s say two people both searched for “best Bluetooth speaker”. Both searchers may see different a different ad based on the signals used in bidding such as the device type they are searching on. Google has claimed that this will increase the clicks on your creatives by 15%.

“They’re making it simpler for business to create ads and, more importantly, understand the success of those ads,” says Eric Heaton, tech director at global creative agency B-Reel, which works with brands like Nike, H&M, and Google. “The products surrounding campaign tracking and insights are going to be a real game changer, especially the cross-device behaviour tracking, and the new ‘Instant Reporting’ feature on Googles Marketing Platform. Marketers will be able to better understand the way users are engaging with their ads, and adapt them in real time.”

Maximum Lift for YouTube

Maximum Lift for YouTube is another new feature with an integrated machine-learning smart-bidding strategy.  Googles been promoting YouTube’s ability to deliver brand lift and making YouTube a destination for premium brand buys. This beta feature will allow marketers to reach viewers most likely to be interested in the brand after seeing a video ad. Bids at auction will be automatically adjusted to maximize the impact the video has on brand perception through the customer’s journey. Improving ad recall and brand favourability.

An increase in foot traffic.

Machine learning will also be helping increase foot traffic in stores. In the past, Google has offered local ad formats. The new updates will apply machine learning to the businesses location and its creatives to further improve ads, and drive foot traffic.

Earlier this year Google introduced Smart Shopping campaigns. Marketers using this tool will now have the ability to optimize ads to boost two additional business goals: physical store visits and new customers. You will be able to create and manage Smart Shopping Campaigns from within Shopify.

The new features will all be available in the coming months. YouTubes Maximize Lift is still in its beta form and is looking to launch later this year.


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