Why I love airports and travelling for work

People rushing to and fro, heels clicking on the cold hard floor, the thick smell of jet fuel wafting through automatic doors, tears running down faces as loved ones depart. A cacophony of sounds, sights and smells. Organised mayhem, like clockwork. Weary eyes. Bitter coffee. Restless bodies. Lengthy flights lay ahead.

I absolutely love airports the gateways to the world, the start of an adventure.

I remember my first time at the international airport in Auckland, New Zealand rather fondly. If I cast my mind back I imagine small cherub-faced Liam, a cropped mop of sandy blonde curls bouncing on top of my head, scrapbook in hand and a haggard piece of a sheepskin blanket in tow. Probably dressed in those awesome track pants that zipped off into 3/4 pants (#BringBackTheZip). Overly excited for my first overseas adventure to Australia.

At the time the airport seemed like a huge expanse, a maze for my young mind.

Now, I walk through an airport for the 400th time, waddling like a penguin in my suit, leather bag slung from my shoulder. Now airports seem tiny, I know my way around them like the back of my hand. Sighing loudly behind tediously slow walkers, and those who do not know how to ride the escalator or put their bag through security (seriously you’d think it’s rocket science). The masses, walk with heads cocked back looking up to find their gates that are in no particular order,. It’s almost like a drunk monkey went around numbering the shit out of everything.paper-plane-window-flying

Because the most common reason for me to be at the airport is for work, when travel comes along for my own leisure it’s a whole new ball game. The excitement comes flooding back, the thrill sends my senses into overdrive. I often, unashamedly I might add, find myself with tears of excitement. Thinking about how blessed I am to be in a position to follow my dreams and take on the world. Queues are the unwanted but exciting reminder that I am off on an adventure. The satisfying beep as my boarding pass is scanned.

For some air travel is to be endured. For some, it is enjoyed.  No matter where you sit on that spectrum most of us have done it and it has become less of a novelty and more of a commodity.

I adore flying. There is something about the excitement of soaring across lands and oceans, 40,000 feet above the rest of the world. It all begins at the airport. Sharing the experience with many others. We all have different reasons for travelling and I think that that is what makes it so unique. The culmination of emotions creates this aura that is quite literally out of this world.

Liam Trimble

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, Liam brings a unique kiwi twist to the world of marketing. An extensive background in customer-focused jobs gives him his edge when it comes to knowing what the customer wants.

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