LinkedIn’s Secret Sauce to boost your marketing

The business solutions team at LinkedIn published a fantastic infographic back in 2017 about how LinkedIn used their own platform for marketing. Called “The Secret Sauce”.

This year they came back with a new and improved “spicer” sauce with new tips and ideas highlighting how the marketers at LinkedIn are using their platform to boost their marketing.board-marketing-strategy-6229

The main ingredient in LinkedIn’s new Secret Sauce is integrating organic and paid strategies for more effective marketing campaigns. The ebook has a huge amount of best practices for improving your marketing and advertising on the LinkedIn network.

To amplify your paid efforts you need to increase your organic reach. From their marketing can test and optimize their content to choose the best performing paid campaigns.

Even though the guide focuses more on advertising, marketing and PR professionals who use nonpaid strategies will benefit immensely as well.

Using sponsored content will help determine your more effective organic posts. Direct sponsored content, sponsored posts that do not appear on company pages, can be used to conduct A/B tests.

Questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Is my caption copy on my LinkedIn ad too long?
  • Are my InMails driving responses?
  • Am I including statistics in my posts? And what is the impact of this?
  • Do my Sponsored Content posts have eye-catching headlines?
  • Are my Dynamic Ads attention-grabbing?

LinkedIn has become more attractive than other platforms.

According to LinkedIn, business professionals spend more time viewing and interacting with content on the platforms newsfeed. Members are engaging with their newsfeed 50 per cent more than last year. Likes, comments and shares have doubled since last year and members are views are up 60 per cent.

More marketers may begin to prefer LinkedIn over Facebook due to Facebook’s algorithm changes that severely constrain organic reach of brands, some observers predict. Facebook now prioritizes posts of users’ personal contacts and shows fewer posts from publishers and other businesses in newsfeeds. LinkedIn’s numerous changes make it more attractive for content marketing.

Readership and engagement of the top 100 best performing articles on LinkedIn quadrupled over the past two years, according to a NewsWhip analysis.

LinkedIn offers these tips for more engaging promotions:

  • Test ad creatives. For sponsored content, run at least four different creatives against one target audience to optimize for highest performance.
  • Viewers love stats. LinkedIn says sponsored content updates that include a statistic saw a 37% higher CTR and 162% more impressions.
  • Bid aggressively. In one test, bids 10% higher than the maximum suggested bid saw a 15% lift in CTR and 27% lift in conversions. (Obviously, this recommendation results in more advertising revenue for LinkedIn.)
  • Consider rich media. Rich media images have 38% higher CTR than share updates with a thumbnail image preview.
  • Combine sponsored email and content. When LinkedIn used Sponsored Content and InMail together, it saw a 25% increase in Sponsored InMail open rates and a 95% increase in CTRs.
  • Work on images. Eye-catching imagery that matches the content’s message helps capture audience attention. Keep the text on imagery to a minimum. Because a large percentage of engagement on LinkedIn ads comes from mobile devices, it’s important to examine how it appears on small screens.
  • Consider affordable image options. Creativity doesn’t have to be a costly venture. While organizations with sufficient budgets can turn to Photoshop and platforms like Visage to find and edit images, many sites like Canva offer free resources.

It’s undeniably best if companies run their own tests of content marketing and paid advertising to validate results and determine the most effective approaches.

Bottom Line: More companies place greater emphasis on LinkedIn as a marketing tool as the platform continues to add and tweak its features. Companies find that PR and marketing work best on LinkedIn when they work together.

Ready to set your LinkedIn marketing strategy on fire? Check out the full ebook here.



Liam Trimble

Hailing all the way from New Zealand, Liam brings a unique kiwi twist to the world of marketing. An extensive background in customer-focused jobs gives him his edge when it comes to knowing what the customer wants.

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